List Mailers

Extend Your Reach With List Mailers

List Mailers take some time and there is a learning curve. It is well worth your time and effort. Take this section at your own pace. Rushing to get it done will leave you very frustrated.

My SFI 7 Day Repeat Success Plan is My Effort to help you succeed. Please Use It Correctly.

We will all benefit from this technique if we all participate!

If you are new to online advertising, please read my extensive information about List Mailers. If you are a seasoned list mailer user, you can jump right in using the links to your right.

List Mailers should become part of your daily routine.

If you have more time than money, read emails for credits using the information in this section.

If you have more money than time, please upgrade and/or purchase credits in the List Mailers that you will be using here.

In either case, please make sure you are using the correct List Mailers and the marketing materials in this section.

All PSAs and CSAs using the List Mailers will give us maximum exposure in List Mailers and you will see a huge burst of new referrals.


The first thing you need to understand is how to use List Mailers. Click the link below to learn about this.

Start Using List Mailers

It will be a big time saver for you if you get your email set up right from the start. Setting up filters so all the emails go into one folder will save you hours of sifting through emails in your inbox.

Setting Up Your Email

The List Mailers we will be using for this Focus are the top 5 listed in Rapid Downline. < Found under Resources then Ad Resources in the main menu.

If you are new to List Mailers, start with one list mailer. Once you get the hang of it, add a the second one on the list. When you are comfortable add more. Always use the list mailers from Rapid Downline so you are sure to be using the listmailers with the best responsive memberships.

(Rapid Downline tests List Mailers constantly. The top mailers are the best of the best. The actual List Mailers listed there will change from time to time according to their testing. Check the top mailers in Rapid Downline weekly.)


You are free to use other List Mailers for your other ads. Please stick with these mailers and the provided Solo Ads for this Focus.


The Plan…

To your right you will see a link called Solo Ads. Please use those ads for the List Mailers.

When all members use the same materials, we will flood everyone’s inboxes with our ads and people will be compelled to click. They will wonder why everyone is advertising SFI and want to check us out.

Yes, there is no guarantee that they will join from you specifically. We are a team here and we all work to help each other.

Stay Focused and we all WIN!