Day One

Welcome to Day 1

Some people have more time than others. If you cannot complete Day One in one sitting, do not panic. Just pick up later or tomorrow where you left off. This is NOT a race. Work at your own pace.

Today we are going to join the One Time Payment Core Programs. (This means you pay once and earn forever) The first of these programs is free to join but you will want to make at least a minimal purchase at each program as soon as your budget allows.

If you are already a member of any of these programs, there is no need to rejoin. Please Click Here for more information on this.

Please Note: I suggest you take a look at these programs and join it if it is a good fit for you. It may or may not be.


Step 1 – PLEASE be sure to look for your sponsor’s name or username on the signup or join page before you join any program from My SFI 7 Day Repeat Success Plan. If in doubt, please write to your sponsor and check if they have joined the program in question. Unlikely, they have not, if so, you will be joining through someone else.

If your sponsor joined and you are not seeing their name on the sign up page, it is possible that the program you are joining does not offer that option. Ask your sponsor to verify his or her referral link before you join. Also, clear all cookies from that program so you are not joining from a previous visit through some someone else.

It is always best to let your sponsor know you are joining a program that they have or have not joined, before you join. Give him or her the chance to give you a review first.



Step 2 – Click Here and join the One Time Payment Core Programs for My SFI 7 Day Repeat Success Plan.


Step 3 – AFTER you have joined the programs, go back and add your referral information to that same page and update. This is how your referrals are able to join these programs from you.


Step 4 – Remember to record your login details on your computer or a notebook. This is a huge timesaver that you will regret postponing. Do it now!


Step 5 – Go back to each of the programs you have just joined and pay for as many upgrades as your budget allows. These programs are all ‘Pay Once’ programs so you will not have to pay again next month.


Step 6 – To find out more about these programs and what to do with them, follow the links to your right for each program. They have Action Steps listed for each program.

We will start taking action in these program tomorrow. For today, just join them.


Step 7 – Send your sponsor an email telling me that you completed Day 1 of My SFI 7 Day Repeat Success Plan.

Your Sponsor: Solomon

Click on my name to send your email.


Step 8 – As a sponsor, when you receive emails from your referrals, be sure to respond to them. A simple, “Thank you for your consideration”, sent back to them will keep them encouraged and moving forward.

PLEASE Do Not EVER Ignore Emails From Your Referrals. They are the Life’s Blood of your business. You cannot make money without them!
Never send SPAM to your referrals. You will lose your account in most programs.


End Of Day 1

Not a mandatory step but a very good thing to read,
My SFI Success Strategy!
(In case you didn’t read it yesterday)