Day 5

Welcome to Day 5


Step 1 – Advertise for one hour in the TEs today.

If you have more money than time, purchase credits in the TEs and assign them.


Step 2 – Today we will start adding List Mailers to your advertising portfolio.


Step 3 – Click on List Mailers to your right and get started with your List Mailer Advertising.

Read everything and get things set up today. You can start mailing tomorrow.


Step 4 – Send an email telling me that you completed Day 5 of My SFI 7 Day Repeat Success Plan.

Your Sponsor: Solomon Greenlee (

Click on my name to send your email.


Step 5 – As a sponsor, when you receive emails from your referrals letting you know they completed a day, be sure to respond to them. A simple, “Great Job”, sent back to them will keep them encouraged and moving forward.

PLEASE Do Not EVER Ignore Emails From Your Referrals. They are the Life’s Blood of your business. You cannot make money without them!

Never send SPAM to your referrals.



End Of Day 5