Day 3

Welcome to Day 3

Today we are going to start advertising in the Traffic Exchanges…

If you are not familiar with TE advertising this may be a bit of a process for you to learn. It gets a lot easier after you get everything set up and you ‘surf’ once or twice. Please be patient and do not push yourself to learn it all in one day if you do not have the time. Day 3 may take you two or three days to complete if you are real new to the internet. That is okay. This is NOT a race. Work at your own pace.

If you are familiar with TE advertising you do not need to read all the instructions. I do ask that you do your daily TE advertising. This way you will flood the TE market and get lots of new members. Do your part in TE advertise daily.

If you have more money than time, please purchase credits and assign them to your SFI Marketing Materials.


Step 1 – Join Rapid Downline from the Ad Resources Section, under Resources to your right.

Rapid Downline tests the traffic exchanges for responsiveness. We use their service because the TEs listed on their site are sure to have real people looking at your ads. People who actually click on ads and join programs.


Step 2 – Login to your Rapid Downline account and click on Downline Builder in the top menu on their site.

You will see the top 20 traffic exchanges according to their testing. Click on the first 5 of these links and join the top 5 traffic exchanges. (You can join them all if you wish but we will be working on the first 5 to get started)

Remember to record your login details as you join the programs so you will have them later, when you need them.

Check the Traffic Exchanges in Rapid Downline every week. All the programs in Rapid Downline are tested for responsiveness and changed according to the test results. You always want to be using the top TEs so we are all using the same TEs and you are using the most responsive TEs.


Step 3Click Here to learn how to use the Traffic Exchanges.

Remember, learning takes a little time. If you can’t do this all in one day, just come back tomorrow and pick up where you left off.


Step 4 – Send an email telling me that you completed Day 3 of My SFI 7 Day Repeat Success Plan.

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Click on my name to send your email.


Step 5 – As a sponsor, when you receive emails from your referrals letting you know they completed a day, be sure to respond to them. A simple, “Great Job”, sent back to them will keep them encouraged and moving forward.

PLEASE Do Not EVER Ignore Emails From Your Referrals. They are the Life’s Blood of your business. You cannot make money without them!

Never send SPAM to your referrals.



End Of Day 3