Day 2

Welcome to Day 2

Some people have more time than others. If you cannot complete Day 2 in one sitting, do not panic. Just pick up later or tomorrow where you left off.

This is NOT a race. Work at your own pace.

One of the advertising programs I use, BuidaBizOnline, lets you upload the banner image from your computer; plus they offer various tools and services for webmasters.

I have information on this process HERE.


Step 1 – Yesterday you joined several programs. Most of these programs are advertising programs.

Today you are going to start using these programs.

If you didn’t complete Day 1, please go back and finish that day before you move on. Start Day 2 AFTER Day 1 is complete!


Step 2 – You will now login to each of the One Time Payment Core Programs you joined yesterday and start your advertising.

Click on the links to the programs to your right. I have Action Steps listed for each program.


Step 3 – Cash In On Banners does not require a payment for you to start advertising on that site. Be sure to add your SFI Marketing Banners to that site right now.

How to do it:

Click on the words SFI Marketing Banners banners above or below.

Choose any of the 468×60 banners to add to Cash in on Banners (CIOB).

If you can add more than one banner, you should add different SFI Marketing Banners.

Open a new tab in your browser so you can have SFI Marketing Banners and CIOB open at the same time.

Login to CIOB and click on Manage Banners in the menu on the left.

Banner image URL in CIOB is Banner URL in SFI Marketing Banners.

Website URL in CIOB is Target URL in SFI Marketing Banners.


Step 4 – Viral Ad Builder – If you joined VAB, login now and Create An Ad or two. Instructions are on the site.


Step 5 – Leased Ad Space – If you joined LeasedAdSpace, login now and Create An Ad or two. Instructions are on the site.


Step 6 – #1ProfitRing – If you joined #1ProfitRing, login now and Create An Ad or two. Instructions are on the site.


Step 7 – Send an email telling me that you completed Day 2 of My SFI 7 Day Repeat Success Plan.

Your Sponsor: Solomon Greenlee (

Click on my name to send your email.


Step  8 – As a sponsor, when you receive emails from your referrals letting you know they completed a day, be sure to respond to them. A simple, “Great Job”, sent back to them will keep them encouraged and moving forward.

PLEASE Do Not EVER Ignore Emails From Your Referrals. They are the Life’s Blood of your business. You cannot make money without them!

End Of Day 2