Welcome to My SFI 7 Day Repeat Success Plan

Welcome to My SFI 7 Day Repeat Success Plan

You are a SFI Affiliate.

My SFI 7 Day Repeat Success Plan

Remember to use your SFI Affiliate Center!

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You must not forget the TRAINING in your SFI AFFILIATE CENTER

when following My SFI 7 Day Repeat Success Plan!


My SFI 7 Day Repeat Success Plan:


My SFI 7 Day Repeat Success Plan is designed to get you started out on the right track for success.

Our Focus is advertising, of course. It is not possible to build a business anywhere, online or offline, without advertising.

Follow My SFI 7 Day Repeat Success Plan and see how quickly your business grows.

You are about to build a real, income producing business online. This is not going to happen overnight! It will not happen at all if you don’t give it a fair amount of effort and are willing to invest a little money. There is no such thing as a free ride in the business world. Although (Note: SFI is Free – Start FREE, no obligation, and no purchase requirements ever.)

SFI gets you started for as little as $0.00. (Not recommended if you want an excellent long-term residual income, but it is possible.)

Please feel free to look around your SFI Affiliate Center before you get started, if you wish. Before you join anything I recommend, start asking for help or start advertising, please read the rest of this page and start Your SFI 7 Day Repeat Success Plan. You will understand what to do when you Read the Instructions.


If you are new to online advertising, there may be a small learning curve. My simple instructions should help you get past that curve in a short time.

Patience is important. Do not expect to know it all in one day. Work at your own pace to avoid frustration.

What Happens After My SFI 7 Day Repeat Success Plan?

First and foremost, I am not claiming you will be rich in 7 days and able to quit your job. My SFI 7 Day Repeat Success Plan is designed to:

  • Help beginners learn how to advertise online in an organized fashion.
  • Help all members stay focused on daily business building skills.
  • Flood the market with your advertising materials to pique the interest of the rest of the world.
  • Introduce you to long term, full functioning income producing programs.
  • Work with your sponsor and referrals so no one is marketing alone.


When you are ready, Click on Start Here in the menu to your right.

Please Stay Focused!

My SFI 7 Day Repeat Success Plan


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